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I know it is coming close to two years since I was in contact with you last regarding the ‘Institute for the Revival of Traditional Islamic Sciences’ and its publication ‘The Journal of Traditional Islamic Sciences’ (JTIS) – however I haven’t forgotten about it and pray you haven’t as well but in case you have here is the reminder http://www.irtis.org.uk/index.php/styles I have been busy with other matters one in particular, which I’m hoping draws attention to our work within IRTIS, is the publication of my book, Muslims in non-Muslim Lands; this will be released next month iA. I’m hoping this serves as a platform for further work in this area which will be carried out under IRTIS.

We now have a website – www.irtis.org.uk. Within this website is a forum. I would like to invite you to join that forum – please forward to other like-minded individuals.

I appreciate you maybe on a dozen other forums but I believe this to be unique as it is a ‘safe’ environment to discuss relevant matters across the Traditional Schools. It is a place where ideas and concepts can develop and serve as a research centre. So other members can join, pick up a thread and read about up to date discussions on that matter. We can set criteria, if you wish, as to who can be permitted to join the forum as a contributor, however I wish to keep it open to anybody at the moment – however if there is a strong disagreement then I am more than happy to restrict access. For this to be a beneficial research hub then contributions are what will make it a worthwhile project. The forum can be accessed from the website – it will require you to set up an account.

I am hoping an electronic form of the JTIS will follow shortly (I haven’t given up yet!).

There is very little effort in this area of Islamic work by our Islamic scholars. It is an area which requires revival as our great scholars produced great works of research. We cannot lose that legacy.

I ask you to make dua for this venture so that we can honour the legacy of our scholars, speak a word of truth and show to Muslims and non-Muslims the learning, skills and abilities of the great from our religious elite.

I pray you can support me in this venture. Taqab Allah minna wa minkum, Amin.

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